"Red Thong Strong" Book

"Red Thong Strong" Book

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Eight feisty Texas women reveal how a little red thong can make a big impact on your life in this fun, inspiring, and informative read. After laughing together for decades, Charlotte Hill, Linda Storer, Debbi Comparin, Becky Elder, Terri Jutras, Bev Mann, Shelley Tyler, and Debbie Williams are sure to get a laugh out of you as they bare their secrets to smoothing life’s panty lines.

Brought together by faith, fellowship, and a thing for fashion, these girls have an extraordinary bond. They’ll show you how to make and nurture friendships, deal with unexpected detours, and celebrate life’s ages and stages. Each anecdote offers a different life lesson. From loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin to prepping for power shopping and enjoying great escapes, they’ve covered it all.

They’re on a mission to motivate you to adopt a bold, assertive Red Thong Strong attitude—daring you to reinvent yourself and realize more joy in life. This “thong-a-tude” can help any woman find creative ways to improve her health, appearance, and relationships. It’s kept these friends close for more than thirty years, supporting each other in everything from party planning to chemotherapy.

In this lighthearted, yet realistic look at hot-button women’s issues, the authors offer tips for achieving longevity in both life and friendships. With their encouraging stories, you, too, will develop a little “thong-a-tude” in no time.